Rule #1: The Scott rule

It is understood that this league is still in development/beta. In addition to the rules below, there is a spirit of the league that should be adhered to. Meaning, if an edge case or very specific detail is missing, but based on the context and other language, it can be reasonably assumed what the intent of the rule is, go by that and stay within the spirit, rather than try to exploit the loophole you have found. No one should be out to get anybody here. Also, when ambiguity arises, ask for clarity before taking action. TL;DR don’t be an asshole.


Powers list

Heroes group
  • Captain Double Up – Each week, can choose a starting player on their team to get 2x points
  • Philanthropist – If they win their matchup by at least 50 pts, can gift points
  • Time Traveler

    * Go back in time and replace one of his starting player’s scores with their own score from a previous week

    * Ex) Mahomes sucks week 9 (or is on bye), but had a good week 3, can put the week 3 score in week 7. Week 3 score stays in tact


Villains group

  • Chaos – 6 quests, if all completed, automatic playoff berth to 6th seed; if he does not complete quests, spot goes to most pts on the year:

    1) After you win a week, drop highest scoring player on your team from that week. True cut, cannot be warehoused, cannot be benched

    2) Win a week with 1 less starter

    3) FAAB has to be down to $0 at some point before end of regular season

    4) Must acquire a top 5 scoring player from previous weeks games via trade. Cannot turn around and immediately drop that player in that weeks drops; must remain on roster for min 1 week; Top 5 score must be original, unaltered score

    5) Must start at least 1 player from every NFL division (8) during regular season

    6) Win at least 3 regular season weeks

  • Scrooge

    * Still has $275 auction money, but also receives dividend checks

    * Every 3 weeks (3, 6, 9, 12, 15) receives 25% of points of highest scoring NFL player that week (even if he doesn’t own that player)

  • Sniper

    * First access to one player on waivers of their choosing, no FAAB needed

    * Does not need to announce until AFTER week’s games are over

Dark Arts group
  • Vampire

    * Turns one of their opponent’s players positive pts into negative

    * Can NOT be escaped by benching, renting, trading, warehousing, or dropping the player

    * Targeted player MUST be put into starting lineup. If owner does not do this, Commissioner will adjust

    * If a player scores an ACTUAL negative score, that score is multiplied by 2. So if they score -2, that owner’s score for the week will be reduced by 4 points

  • Wraith

    * If owner hits defined threshold of points in a week, can steal one of their opponent’s players for rest of season

    * Can NOT be escaped by benching/renting/trading/warehousing/dropping player

    * Does not HAVE to use his power if he hits threshold

    * Thresholds:
    – 1st threshold: 175 pts
    – 2nd: 200 pts
    – 3rd: 225 pts
    – 4th: 250 pts

  • Voodoo

    * Can bench 1 player every week on opponent’s team

    * Can NOT be escaped by renting, trading, warehousing, or dropping the player because the player is locked

Defense group
  • Neutralizer

    * Can block one power, every week

    * Power is blocked league wide, owner can’t trade it to someone else to use

    * Does not HAVE to use power each week, but even if the original owner doesn’t want to, it’s very likely someone else would want this to use against their opponent

  • Cloak of Invincibility

    * Cloak makes you immune to all opposing powers. Whichever player is wearing the cloak cannot be targeted by other powers. Nothing can affect the Cloak wearer (if traded for). If Cloak wearer has additional powers, those are also immune while under the Cloak

    * Immune to ALL powers, including other defense powers

  • Mimic

    * Copies any power they are up against

    * Can still be used even if opponent trades away their power

    * Starts with less auction $ because of how powerful this is

    * If another owner buys this power, they will have the ability to Mimic their own opponent’s inherent (not traded) power


League size
  • 12 teams

Roster size

  • 10 player starting roster (regardless of league size)
    • 1 QB
    • 2 RB
    • 3 WR
    • 1 TE
    • 2 W/R/T
    • 1 Q/W/R/T
  • 4 bench spots (regardless of league size)

Draft style

  • Auction, on Yahoo. Rosters will be loaded manually into MFL

Chat/messaging platform

  • Discord

League type

  • Head-to-head weekly matchups


  • $50 buy-in
  • League dues and payouts will be handled via LeagueSafe
  • League dues are due by draft time
  • Payouts:
    • 1st place – 40%
    • 2nd place – 25%
    • 3rd place – 15%
    • Most pts not in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd – 10%
    • Commissioner and asst commissioner receive 5% each due to work involved

Season start/duration

  • The season begins Sunday 9/3 at 12PM ET. This is when ALL POWERS become active.
  • Draft: Tuesday 9/5 8pm ET
  • Regular season: NFL weeks 1-14
  • Playoffs: NFL weeks 15-17

Week start/end

  • A “week” in the context of our season will begin each Tuesday at 4PM ET. The week ending is slightly different depending on your type of power:
    • For those who do have to announce a specific player or target, the week ends 4 HOURS BEFORE kickoff of the last MNF game, because remember when a specific player or target is involved there is a 4 hour cutoff.
    • For those who do NOT have to announce a specific player or target the week ends at kickoff of the last MNF game.
  • Even though the official week start is Tuesday at 4pm ET, any powers that can be put into effect AFTER games are over, are still considered to be in that week until waivers process on Wednesday 8pm ET
  • Power declarations for any given week are not live until that week begins, so Tuesday at 4pm ET.
    ex) can’t declare a Voodoo on someone in week 14 if it is currently week 6


  • Players begin with differing amounts of FAAB, as outlined in the power descriptions
  • FAAB CAN be traded

Free agency/waiver wire

  • Every week teams are required to drop as many players as necessary to reduce their roster size to 9.
    • Yes, we know, the starting roster size is 10, meaning everyone drops a starter each week.
  • Team with highest score that week is allowed to drop 1 LESS than everyone else
  • Team with lowest score that week is required to drop 1 MORE than everyone else
  • Team owners are responsible for managing their own drops
  • Players dropped during games or before the drop deadline are locked until waivers run. After waivers, but before game time, if you drop a player, they are available immediately.
  • If a team fails to drop the required number of players by the deadline, the commissioner or assistant commissioner will drop the necessary players for them, in order of lowest projected points
  • Everyone gets one free pass on the FAAB penalty. After this free pass, there is a $25 FAAB fine for missing the deadline to drop players, and doubles with each offense. If player has less than $25 FAAB, 10 pts are taken from upcoming week’s score, doubles with each additional offense.
  • Deadline for drops is 8pm Tuesday ET


  • Deadline for bids is 8pm Wednesday ET
  • Waivers will process automatically at 8 PM Wednesday ET
  • Minimum bid amount is $1
  • Bids are in increments of $1
  • Bid priority is determined by bid amount; the player you want the most, bid the highest. If you enter the same value for all players, MyFantasyLeague’s system will prioritize by date/time stamp in the order you entered each bid
  • Bidding ties are broken by whoever submitted the bid first

Free agents

  • Free agency will start immediately after waivers have processed, therefore 8 PM Wednesday ET
  • Free agents are available until THEIR game time

Warehousing and Rentals

  • Teams are allowed to warehouse players with other teams, typically for an agreed upon amount of FAAB, but can be in exchange for other benefits (power usage, auction $, immunity, etc)
  • Any player warehoused must be returned to original owner BEFORE drop deadline for the week, 8PM Tuesday ET; exception is if warehouse deal was for multiple, consecutive weeks
  • Players CAN be warehoused in an effort to cut roster down to required size, but team that warehouses the player must remember that this new player will count towards their own roster size that week
  • If a deal involves “future warehousing”, the number of warehouses must be stated, but it does NOT have to be stated which weeks or how many per week


  • Teams can rent their players out to another team for any number of weeks, typically for an agreed upon amount of FAAB, but can be in exchange for other benefits (power usage, auction $, immunity, etc)
  • Any player rented must be returned to original owner BEFORE drop deadline for the week, 8PM Tuesday ET; exception is if rental deal was for multiple, consecutive weeks
  • If a deal involves “future rentals”, the number of rentals must be stated to ensure it is a fairly weighted trade, but it does NOT have to be stated which weeks or how many per week
  • If a deal is made to rent or warehouse a player, whether it’s weeks in advance or only hours, that player is safe from being targeted by a power because the deal was not done in an attempt to escape a power. As soon as it is announced that a player is being targeted for a power though (think Voodoo benching someone) that player is now NOT able to be traded/rented/warehoused (or even benched in the case of Vampire)


  • New trades are allowed to be announced beginning Tuesday, 4PM ET, the official start of each week
  • 3 way trades are allowed
  • No limit on number of trades in a season
  • No end date for trades, can continue through playoffs, but ONLY for teams still in playoffs
  • Teams who have clinched playoff spots, can make trades with each other in regular season for playoffs.
  • Teams that have clinched can NOT make trades in regular season for playoffs with teams that have NOT clinched
  • Teams that have NOT clinched, can also NOT make trades in regular season for playoffs with other teams that have not clinched
  • Trades MUST be posted in public trade channel with all necessary notes to explain details, and then confirmed by 2nd (or more) person involved:
    • Players, FAAB, powers, immunity, etc that Team A gets
    • Players, FAAB, powers, immunity, etc that Team B gets
    • Players, FAAB, powers, immunity, etc that Team C gets (if applicable)
  • Because of the unique nature of these trades, and the fact that many trades can still occur right up until game time, trades will be processed automatically upon acceptance (SO BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ACCEPT). Neither commissioner nor league majority approval is required.
  • Trades that involve players whose games have already occurred or are in progress will not be processed until all games have completed that week
  • Powers can only be traded once in a given week; players can be traded more than once

Dead period

  • A dead period is where no new trades are allowed. This will be in effect from the start of the last MNF game until Tuesday at 4 PM ET. All teams are free to discuss and agree to terms for deals, but nothing can be announced, made official, offered, or accepted until that 4PM ET cutover.
  • The exceptions are for powers who are able to be executed post-game (Sniper, Philanthropist, Time Traveler, Wraith). Details on these can be found in the Power Descriptions document.
  • Trades involving these powers must be announced/executed in the window between the end of the last MNF game and the beginning of the following week, or 4PM ET every Tuesday.
  • The only other transactions that can be made during the dead period are returning rented/warehoused players since this has to be complete before the drop deadline of 8PM ET Tuesday.


  • When you buy immunity from someone, whether it’s for the week or the season, you the PERSON is getting that immunity, not your power.
    • Ex) The Voodoo owner purchases immunity from Neutralizer for week 5. When week 5 comes around, maybe that owner wants to rent out Voodoo because it makes sense for the matchup. Even if his Voodoo power is gone, he, the person, still has immunity from Neutralizer that week, it does NOT travel with the power. This plays out in 2 important ways. If he goes out and rents another power that week, say Vampire, Neutralizer cannot block that; the person himself is still immune to Neutralizer. Likewise, since the immunity does not travel with the power, the owner who is RECEIVING Voodoo that week is NOT immune to Neutralizer, so he needs to be careful not to think the power comes with immunity. The person with Voodoo worked the deal, and spent the money, so HE gets immunity, NOT the power


  • For all league sizes, 6 teams make playoffs: 4 teams with best records (seeds 1-4), the team with the most points in week 14 (seed 5), and Chaos if he completes his quests (seed 6). If Chaos does NOT complete his quests, the team with the most points that is not already in the playoffs will be the 6th
  • Playoffs are NFL weeks 15-17
  • Top 2 seeds get bye in playoffs; top seed gets to choose who to play week 16. This must be announced before the official beginning of that week, so Tuesday 4PM ET.
  • For all teams that miss the playoffs, and once a team gets knocked out of playoffs, their team is dissolved; all players return to waiver wire and can be bid on by remaining teams
  • “Dead teams” are not allowed to make any more transactions of any kind including trades, bids, adds, drops, warehousing, or rentals
  • “Dead teams” are determined after all games conclude week 14
  • Teams with byes in playoffs are NOT exempt from drop rules following week 14, they still have to drop like everyone else
  • If a player is rented/warehoused for week 14, and then the original owner misses the playoffs, that player does not return to that owner, nor does the owner who rented him get to keep him; instead, he goes to waivers like all other players on “dead teams”

General power rules

  • Dark Arts powers can NOT be escaped by benching/rentals/warehousing
  • All powers can be rented/traded
  • No limit to the number of powers a team can purchase/use in 1 week; except for powers with caps on their season usage
  • Power usage that affects/targets an individual player must be declared 4 hours before any affected PLAYER’s game starts
  • Power usage that does NOT affect an individual player, but is team wide (i.e. Mimic) has to be announced 4 hours before ALL games start
  • Once announced, player that a power is used on can’t be changed
  • All powers can be used in regular season and playoffs
  • There are 4 groups of powers:
    • Heroes group
    • Villains group
    • Dark Arts group
    • Defense group
  • During the 4 hour window from the time a power is used to target a player, anyone can make trades that involve FAAB or players until the last MNF game starts and rosters lock. This allows teams to work deals if they’re affected by a power. The exception is that you cannot make deals involving the affected player since this would be considered an attempt to escape the power.
  • There will be a log of each power movement each week
  • If team manager leaves, power is frozen, no additional trades for that power will be made, and no waiver claims will be processed. Weekly starting roster will be set based solely on week’s projections by MFL. Any previous trades made for said power will be honored.

Powers assignment

  • Power assignment will be a simple random drawing. 12 names and 12 powers will be put into 2 piles. A name and a power will then be drawn until all are complete.

Power trading & pre-draft

  • After powers are assigned, but before the official league start, there will be a window where owners are allowed to completely trade their powers (the power itself, NOT power usage) with each other. Only 1 trade per power is allowed. This period is Friday 9/1 8pm ET through Sunday 9/3 8pm ET.
  • No additional elements can be traded in a power swap, this is strictly 1:1 pre-draft
  • Once that window is complete, and all powers are in the hands of their final owners, trades involving elements of those powers can now be executed. This can involve auction $, FAAB, future player rentals, power rentals or any combination of these. This period is Sunday 9/3 8pm ET through Tuesday 9/5 12pm ET.
  • Pre-draft trade deadline is Tuesday 9/5 12pm ET. This gives commissioner a window to make necessary adjustments in the league depending on what trades occur.
  • Moratorium on trades continues through draft. Trades can resume after draft concludes and up to the power deadlines for week 1./


Ninja Column 1Ninja Column 2
Passing TDs6
Passing yards1 pt/25 yards
Passing 2 Pt Conversion2
Rushing TDs6
Rushing yards1 pt/10 yards
Rushing 2 Pt Conversion2
Receiving TDs6
Receiving yards1 pt/10 yards
Receiving 2 Pt Conversion2
Fumbles Lost-2
Punt/Kickoff Return TDs6